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You will find on this page only those Fluide documents which have been translated into English. For the whole of the flyers (French and English), please refer to the French page

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Logistics hubs: between fixity and flow

Authors : RAIMBAULT Nicolas / DOUET Marie / FREMONT Antoine

October 2010

FLUIDE Task 6 - Concentration et multiplication des plates-formes


Border-related and urban processes in the port of Strasbourg. A geohistorical analysis of the role of the river in linking the city and the port

Authors : BEYER Antoine / DEBRIE Jean

July 2011

FLUIDE Task 11 - La gouvernance

An approach to governance or the sector/area dialogue that is based on the concept of "territory": the example of urban river projects

Author : DEBRIE Jean 

July 2011

FLUIDE Tâche 11 - La gouvernance

The river and the metropolis: a major disconnection (1)

Authorr : FREMONT Antoine

July 2011

FLUIDE Task 10

The Seine and the "Grand Paris" for freight (3)

Author : FREMONT Antoine

Juillet 2011

FLUIDE Task 10


Logistical issues and the redevelopment of Basel's Rhine ports

Author : BEYER Antoine 

March 2012

FLUIDE Task 12 - Comparaisons internationales

German river ports and their rail freight subsidiaries
Author : BEYER Antoine
June 2012
FLUIDE Task 12 - Comparaisons internationales

Port specialization and the position of the metropolitan ports used by different sectors
Author : PAFFONI Elsa
Juillet 2012
FLUIDE Task 2 - Les trafics actuels et potentiels à l'échelle des aires urbaines


Transport function vs post-industrial identities. How far does urban restructuration really threaten river transport capacities in Rhine ports?
FLUIDE Task 10 : Etalement logistique urbain, prix du foncier, transport routier et port fluvial : quelles relations ?